WelcomeHaloVault is a place for users to gather and share Halo Online related information and content. As the community grows we sometimes find ourselves scouring the internet for new maps, mods, or simply general information. Here, I've attempted to bring that information in a new, organized manner. Not only can you post your content here just to share, but you can also submit maps for our dedicated server rotation. Whether you decide to have your content publicly available to view is up to you, as there is now an option to restrict your download, or to hide your post from the general public.

ElDewrito: Halo Online

Halo Online was an in-development free-to-play exclusive PC multiplayer shooter for Russia. It was developed by Saber Interactive and published by Innova Co. S.a.r.l. The game was only released as a beta and has since been officially canceled. However the game can be played without restrictions using a mod client called ElDewrito.

File Share

We've been cooking up some new ways to deliver content to our users:

HaloStats Data Synchronization

Your HaloVault profile can now sync ElDewrito Online-Statistics directly from HaloStats.click. Simply go to your profile settings by visiting your profile & enter your player ID (search HaloStats & check the url; example: halostats.click/Player/123456). When you save your profile, a summary of your stats along with a full link to you HaloStats account will be embedded directly on your profile!

HaloShare Bank Obtained

Proud to announce we have received the old HaloShare.net aka Halo.Click forge database. All 123 working maps can now be found here. --Thank you Wombarly for the database & DARKC0DE for the work put into the previous site.