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I bet some of you are wondering why I haven't released any new OC recently like i did in the past with DK, Pacman, Bomberman ect. The reason I havent been making many new maps is because I was excited when they said 0.6 would drop with a converter and you could play all your favorites. Since that did not happen I first downloaded the source for the outdated map converter and tried to see if any of my 2 years of CS classes in college would help me. That didnt work, and there being many maps I personally loved to death in I had to get some of them in 0.6. I developed a method for remaking maps in 0.6 exactly how they were in unless the object no longer occurs in 0.6 even if my method is very time consuming on more complex maps. Until the day a to 0.6.1 map converter exists or I get bored and run out of maps I personally want to convert then I probably wont make as many new and never before seen maps. My goal is just to get as many maps from the past playable on the current version of ElDewrito, so we can have the largest selection of maps to choose from. If any of you would like to aid me on this journey you can message me on the Halo Vault discord and i can tell you my method for 100% accurate remakes, and you can decide if you still want to help.

Thanks for anyone who read this whole post I made, and if you have a map that doesn't have something like it in 0.6 let me know down below and I might see if I can do my magic on it for you.

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cvaughn55 posted this Tuesday 10th of July 2018 01:09:58 AM

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SuperMario20 responded 5 months ago
A long time ago I made a map called Angry Birds. I made it since it seemed it would be kinda fun to get in a warthog/mongoose and smash into some structures. I realized later about there being a Jenga map, and I think it got ported to 0.6, so you don't really need to port my map.