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This is a map pack i decided to put together for server hosts to host there own custom games. Many have found it painful to download maps one at a time, so I included nearly 50 different maps & gametypes; non of which require mods. You can download this zip and simply extract the content to the root of your ElDewrito installation.

Fatkid (avoid the super powerful slow alpha zombie and his quick but weak minions):
- Obese Maze I & II
- Vacant v3
- Omega-Journey (OmegaJourney gametype)
- Tree Fort
- Green Journey
- FatLabs
- Three Levels
- Electric Brains
- Fatkid-NN
- OwnageBunker
- Fatkid v2.0

Fly or Die (fly around and avoid projectiles from the infected):
- Desert Skies
- Forest Flight

GooseHunt (halo on halo, old school duckhunt with vehicles):
- DeathCurve (GooseHuntOX gametype)
- Mongoose Hunt

Save 1 Bullet / Classic Infection (all of these require heavy use of your shotgun)
- Floodback
- Overgrowth 2.0
- Radioactive
- Ceiling Drop (Roof Drop)
- Toilet Clog (Turds)
- HGBaseDefense (Defend The Wall)

Landing (basically skycastle, with aircrafts instead of land vehicles):
- Frigate

SpeedHalo (race your way down and splatter the infected):
- SpeedHalla

Ghostbusters (destroy the cloaked entities as u clean house):
- Spooky Forest

Grifball (football, but Halo style):
- Longer Grifball

Drive or Die (zombies at top speed as u race away in vehicles):
- Death Race
- Rocky Roadway
- Vehicular Chaos

Termors & Mice (get chased in mongoose as chopper attempts to splatter you):
- Runaway Hills

FFA Stickiez (no weap starts, pickup grenades to defeat your opponet):
- SnowBox

HammerRocketLOL (fly around on grav lifts as u survive with a hammer and rocket launcher):
- BounceBox

HODOR (close the door for the enemy, but hold it for your allies):
- Hold The Door

Jenga (survive as zombie chucks objects at u):
- Jenga (MS)
- Jenga Wall (YMS)

Joust (duke it out with swords in midair):
- Joust Arena

Run For Cover (lead VIP to destination. avoid sniper):
- Iphicles
- NarrowScope

Derby (no weapons, vehicular bumper cars):
- LavaPit (redone with koth for spectating)

Termites (spartan laser takes aim at the humans above the wooden floor):
- Infested House

Get Off My Lawn (humans are intended to hold down there respective area):
- Houska Manor

SkyTrain (try to stay in the open containers as zombies shoot/hit you down):
- SkyTrain

Dead Russian (alpha zombie, defend one side to survive):
- ValhallaDefense

Airball (oddball, without touching the floor):
- Air Ball

Tribes (speed objectives with brute shot):
- Ascend

Blow Up The Bridge (destroy bridge to stop zombies from entering facility):
- Bridge Blow Up (BridgeBlowUp gametype)

Stairway to Heaven (climb to the top or risk disease):
- Heaven's Steps (Stairway gametype)

Hide (hide from the zombies as you are cloaked):
- Hide & Seek (guardian)
- Pit & Seek (the pit)


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how to DL this now?
link not working

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