Gungoose 4

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Your Dream is a reality with the weaponized mongoose aka Gungoose

8/1/18 - 8:25pm Pacific Time: This post will be useless in a day or 2 when the mod gets submitted to be put up on FMM for download, I posted here first because Clef was not online on discord, and I didnt want to disturb him when he was offline in the chance he gets push notifications to a mobile.

This is a server side mod that adds a gun system to the mongoose similar to how the ghost and chopper work. I have modified all the values of the Mongoose Horn to weaponize it, then got various players from the community to come in a server with me and help tweak the settings until it felt balanced for normal gameplay, then BTB tests were performed to assure our balancing.

WARNING this mod is server side, so when playing online with it installed it may appear that you have the gun abilities, but you actually don't and it is just editing the appearance on your end, so please only install if you are planning to host a modded game, or modded dedicated server.

Installation is as simple as extracting into your mods/tagmods folder then installing through FMM

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