ForgeItems mod

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Place the unzipped file in \mods\tagmods\ and then apply it in FMM or open the .bat in the mod.

This mod adds new Forge items such as;

Headless Spartan Hologram Spartan Monitor Sentinel Constructor 1 and 2 Rat, Seagule, Birds, Fish Zanzibar Wheel Reactor Pods LOD Pelican Frigate Bomb Equipment With a little bit more..

All of these items can be moved and spawned via Forge, and be saved and loaded. Some might not sync properly online.

You do not need this mod installed to play a forge map with any of these on the map(s). It is recommended you do have the mod installed to host a server with a map that has any of the items. The Bomb Equipment does not sync properly online.

Glitch5970 submitted this 4 months ago

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