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⚒ Tacoma Bridge

The crew of V-398 barely survived their unplanned landing in this gorge, but they know they are not alone.

Capture The Flag

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Map: Valhalla
Forge Artist: Yangjo
Last Modified: 7 months ago

CHANGELOG: Update at 5/9/2018, 5:00 PM EST
Finally was able to playtest it, specifically the BTB heavies variant, which needed heavy adjustment. Hornet is ONLY available for CTF. Banshee only available for SLAYER. Adjusted power weapons also according to different game modes. Hornet will no longer have rockets in the Heavies variant. Slayer and spawn camping shouldn’t happen anymore.

CHANGELOG: Update at 5/7/2018, 7:49 EST
I was finally able to playtest the heavies variant of this map. Adjusted spawn rate for items and weapons on BTB Heavies, replacement of spartan laser with missile pods in middle. Made the Night version much darker with lights properly working on vehicles. If it was possible to have the missile pods work for the hornet lite, I would replace it on the normal Tacoma Bridge. If only I could have a rocket launcher that could lock on to exclusively air vehicles.

The *Longest Bridge in Halo Online, originally a reach forge made map also named Tacoma Bridge, rebuilt and reimagined in Halo Online. Scale the railing to get to the sniper, get aboard a hornet and mow down enemies and vehicles, or just try to rush the objective with warthogs, ghosts, and mongooses.

The map is as long as the original Halo Reach map. The Tower is as high as the original Reach map. The bases are identical to the original Reach map. Most things are scaled to Reach's size. Perhaps slightly faster movement speed or "SPRINT" would accommodate the large size of the map. I suggest DMR and ASSAULT RIFLE spawns to stay true to the original map and game, Reach. I also suggest the Reach crosshair mod to make the DMR's crosshair represent the reticle bloom more accurately.

Weapon List:
2x BRs (1 for each Base)
2x SMGs (1 for each Base)

2x Brute Shots (1 Near each base)

2x Gravity Hammers (Near Middle on each side)

1x Spartan Laser + 1x Gravity Lift (Middle of middle tower)
1x Rocket Launcher + 1x Trip Mine + 1x Energy Drain (Central point)

2x Sniper (1 Secret platform under bridge and top of middle tower)

Cool trick

Each Base includes:
1x Warthog
1x Mongoose
1x Ghost
1x Hornet Lite
1x Turret
1x Bubble Shield
1x Regenerative field
1x BR
1x SMG

Includes 3 new versions of BTB Heavies! Includes a lot more vehicles and weaponry
3 variants; Day, night, and fog!

Please leave suggestions!

Yangjo submitted this Friday 4th of May 2018 08:28:38 PM

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 responded 1 month ago
how do install?

cvaughn55 responded 4 months ago
@DeepSeaTX The uploader didnt upload in a friendly format, but it should take you to a screen like this . Once on that screen you need to right click the maps folder and click download and the same for variants. then place them in your ED folders

DeepSeaTX responded 4 months ago
When I try to download, it opens google drive rather than my files. do you know why?

Yangjo responded 7 months ago

Sorry if the fog throws you guys off, it's there for balance in regards to limit the sight lines, and also there to mask the fact it's out of the map, Valhalla. I may potentially put a night version and a no-fog version whenever I decide the map is fully balanced and completed.