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⚒ Forge World

The crew of V-398 barely survived their unplanned landing in this gorge, but they know they are not alone.


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Map: Valhalla
Forge Artist: 1c3Bear
Last Modified: 3 months ago

Simple remake of Forge World
Includes and supports:
Team Slayer

Includes 4 versions of the map

Pick a pack and move the mods folder to your Halo Online folder.
Canvas variants modify the map so you can forge with a reasonable budget.
(optional) -variant pack- [A pack of variants I use with my map]

Special thanks:
-Zabhahs (Texturing & placement help after the map was built midway through).
-Mrmuffin1513 (Was working on a Forge World, I saw & was inspired to make forge maps again).
-Playtesters (Don't remember all your names, but thanks for stopping by those few times!)
-Eldewrito community (Amazing forgers and people out there that moved me to continue this).

ArkHunter submitted this Sunday 17th of June 2018 03:25:36 PM

💬 Responses

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ArkHunter responded 2 months ago
There should be an updated version coming soon.

jbrown1597 responded 2 months ago
Thank you! Been looking all over for a map this style.