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⚒ H2 Tombstone -& H2 BR Variants-

Without cooling systems such as these, excess heat from the Ark's forges would render the construct uninhabitable.


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Map: Narrows
Forge Artist: 1c3Bear
Last Modified: 1 month ago

The UNSC decommissioned this munitions testing complex after safety concerns came to light. 4-16 players.


This map comes packed with all recreated Halo 2 game modes plus updated ones.
[Territories not included for bugged reasons.]

Gametypes Included:

-Slayer BR's
-Team BR's
-Team Slayer
-Team Phantoms
-Phantom Elimination

-Oddball BR's
-Team Ball BR's
-Low Ball BR's
-Team Ball
-Low Ball

-King BR's
-Team King BR's
-Phantom King BR's
-Crazy King BR's
-Team Crazy King BR's
-King of the Hill
-Team King
-Phantom King
-Crazy King
-Team Crazy King

-Multi Flag CTF BR's
-CTF Classic BR's
-1 Flag CTF BR's
-1 Flag CTF Fast BR's
-Multi Flag CTF
-CTF Classic
-1 Flag CTF
-1 Flag CTF Fast

-Multi Bomb BR's
-Single Bomb BR's
-Neutral Bomb BR's
-Blast Resort BR's
-Multi Bomb
-Single Bomb
-Neutral Bomb
-Blast Resort

-Juggernaut BR's
-Ninjanaut BR's
-Phantom Fodder BR's
-Dreadnaut BR's
-Phantom Fodder

-Zombies (Created by Vegetal, modified by 1c3)

-One Sided VIP BR's
-Escort BR's
-Influential VIP BR's
-One Sided VIP
-Influential VIP

Thanks to Vegetal for providing the tools that allowed me to trace this map.

Special Thanks to testers which helped me a great deal in not having to deal with problems later.

Halo 2 map remake traced by 1c3Bear.

-Slayer, Team Slayer
-Oddball, Team Ball
-King of the Hill, Team King
-Capture The Flag
-Assault, Neutral Bomb
-Juggernaut, Mad Dash


-Battle Rifle x3
-Brute Shot x2
-Energy Sword x1
-Magnum x2
-Needler x3
-Plasma Rifle x5
-Rocket Launcher x1
-Shotgun x4
-SMG x5
-Sniper Rifle x1
-Fragmentation Grenades x12
-Plasma Grenades x10

-Overshields X2




ArkHunter submitted this Wednesday 14th of November 2018 01:00:12 PM

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